Report on the 16th research meeting

On 29th March 2017 Rolf Schlunze gave a presentation about his actor-centered approach at a SIEM research group meeting at Tsukuba University. He discussed with the small audience of research group members about a geographical perspective of boundary spanning and introduced his definition on Management Geography. Management geography is a new avenue of economic geography which focuses on the nexus of managerial practices in a globalizing world from a geographical perspective. The research objective is the analysis of the socio-economic and cognitive spatial behavior of managerial subjects influencing organizational performance through preferences, interactions and perceptions. His definition departs from previous definition of other group members not limiting the agenda to managerial decision making or the global city theory. His study introduced investigates the performance of expatriated managers as boundary spanners and changing agents through their preferences and networking practices in the corporate, market and living environments. A contextual model was designed to investigate the practices and performance of expatriate managers. The results of the analysis of 150 international managers showed that the firm’s market success can be sustained when the manager is focusing on his boundary spanning role in the corporate environment. Successful boundary spanners spur the firm success by embedding and transforming global management practices in the intercultural workplaces.

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