Rolf D. Schlunze

Rolf D. Schlunze is Professor for Intercultural Management at Ritsumeikan University. He got his doctoral degree from The University of Tokyo and his post-doctoral research has focused on hybridization of managerial systems. His work about the Hybrid manager has been published in reviewed journals. He promotes the agenda of management geography for more than a decade at various academic associations such as AAG, AJG, EAMSA and the Global Conference of Economic Geographers (GCEG). He provides with this homepage a new platform for further dissemination of the concept of management geography among economic geographers and scholars of IB and adjacent disciplines.

Rolf Schlunze

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones is Deputy President (Interim) and Professor of Economic Geography at City, University of London. His research focuses on the evolving nature of the global economy, including firms, governing organizations and the activities of key individuals. His current projects include looking at the role of services in the ‘green economy’ and service-led development in emerging economies and lower income countries.


CHI Cheng

Cheng Chi is a Doctoral candidate who belongs to the Graduate School of Business Administration, Ritsumeikan University. Cheng studies Chinese State-owned Enterprises and their overseas branches in sub-Saharan Africa.


Taira Atsushi

Atsushi Taira got his Ph.D. from the University of Tsukuba and holds a professorship at Kagawa University. His research interest covers various management related topics of overseas operations of Japanese-affiliated firms and local industrial clusters in globalization.

Taira Atsushi

William W. Baber

Will Baber hold a professorship at the Business School of Kyoto University.  In his work in international business attraction, he frequently encountered cross cultural conflicts and synergies. Research interests include cross-cultural adaptation and business negotiation. He instructs students on Practical Business Negotiation, Cross Cultural Management, and Management Communication.

William Baber

Lech Suwala

Lech Suwala is professor for urban and regional economics at TU Berlin. He is a geographer and economist with working experience in science and industry. His expertise includes spatial creativity and innovation research, urban and regional planning, and geographies of management and family businesses.

Tim Reiffenstein

He is a Professor in the Geography department at Mount Allison University. His research focuses on Japanese industrial geography, in particular by exploring how evolving intellectual property policy, regulation, but also food and forest industries and their associated management practices. Tim Reifenstein

Patrik Ström

Patrik Ström is working for European Institute of Japanese Studies at Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden. He holds a PhD in Business Administration and an Econ. Dr. in Economic Geography. The research interest focuses on the internationalization and development of the East Asian service economy.


JI Weiwei 

Ji Weiwei  is an associate professor at School of International Business Studies in Jinan University, China. He completed his PhD at Ritsumeikan University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rolf D. Schlunze. His research interests are manifold and span from geopolitics to various business issues including migration of Chinese entrepreneurs and management in South-East Asia.   Ji WeiWei

Piotr Pachura

Piotr Pachura is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Management of Częstochowa University of Technology (Poland). He received PhD in management science and post-doctoral degree (habilitation) in geography. He has been involved for two decades in an attempts to combine research on organizations and management with spatial issues. In a first stage in connection with spatial economic configurations (book: Regional Cohesion. Effectiveness of Network Structures, 2010). Currently, he is focused on discovering a structure of spaces and a new spatial managerial role (book: About Space in Management, 2016) and modeling of theory on organizational spaces called “TriSpaces”, (book: TriSpaces. Modeling of organizational space theory, 2021). Member of Steering Committee of IGU Commission on The Dynamics of Economic Spaces (2012- 2024). 

Piotr Pachura


Tomasz Dorożyński

Tomasz Dorożyński is Associate Professor, Department of International Trade, Institute of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz; and a recognized member of AIB, Euro-Asia Management Studies Association and other prestigious international academic associations. His research focuses on the cohesion policy, regional & local development, internationalization, FDI, investment incentives, location determinants, investment attractiveness and special economic zones. He is engaged in the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program and other projects. He coordinates international projects such as European Mobility Placements for Open Innovation and Be Competent in Entrepreneurship: Knowledge Alliances for Developing Entrepreneurship Competencies for the Benefit of Higher Education and Business and lectures not only in Poland but also at other European universities under the Erasmus Program.


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