Perspective on management

In Japan, one individual manager cannot take a decision for the whole organization or even for his/her team. Consensus-oriented management is needed. Long-term relationships within the workplace are valued and need to respected. The time scale is extended, and the decision makers involved need to be patient. How to trust people and how to produce results that prove the decision to be right need to be considered strategically. Conservative thinking dominates the intercultural workplace in Japan. To what degree do international managers need to adapt to the local culture? In this situation how can you implement diversity & inclusion? How can you succeed with your strategic intent?

There are two remarkable approaches. First, learn to anticipate action and reaction of co-workers with different cultural backgrounds. To overcome linear thinking and structurally reconcile cultural dilemmas is a necessary skill when managing in the intercultural workplace. Second, how you can achieve cultural synergy should be your ultimate aim. Managing people necessarily means to care about people. Nancy Adler found that in ugly times the only strategy is beauty. It is time to invoke beauty, to fix the world that it becomes a better place! Start with your workplace! What is the beauty that you really want to see in your workplace? What is it the beauty that you want to bring to your workplace?

With our perspective on management we aim to help you in

  • Selecting and preparing staff for overseas assignment;
  • Supporting staff who seek to improve their abilities and results;
  • Conducting interventions and giving practical guidance in problematic situations;
  • Understanding mainstream ideas in cross cultural management;
  • Learning about our approach creating cultural synergy!


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