Interactive consulting services

The original contextual management appraisal designed by Professor Rolf D. Schlunze and research group members is a useful tool for evaluating international managers’ preferences, interaction and performance (PIP Model). Through our interview and questionnaire surveys we achieved firm knowledge about contextual aspects, perceptions, networking and performance of international managers expatriated in overseas locations. Our group members have rich experiences and created manifold workshops and a glad to design tailor-made workshops for our clients. We provide managerial training for and with international managers in various fields as listed below.

  1. Cultural synergy creation and innovative teamwork
  2. Intercultural communication and negotiation
  3. Sustainable IHRM reconciling cultural values
  4. Cross-cultural management and ethics
  5. IT security and customer relations


Reports about training events and workshops
Manager training events have been conducted since 2007 usually in an educational context but will increasingly address the demands of professionals.

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