Objectives of our manager training

We use discussions with successful practitioners to learn how to build synergy and trust in cross cultural workplaces. Our goal is to help managers by teaching them the self-coaching skills they need to manage complex projects and environments. Following topics will be addressed throughout our manager training:


  • Awareness of cognitive processes in intercultural management
  • Recognizing and reconciling cultural differences
  • Creating cultural synergy and innovation
  • Networking for mutual trust


We encourage participants also to think critical about various cross-cultural management issues and international management ethics. We advise how to building trustful relationships with business partners from other cultures. We also suggest practical strategies for international team building bridging diverse cultures.


Forthcoming Events

DJW Squad – Intercultural Teamwork is a monthly meeting usually conducted on the third Friday 11:00 MEZ/18:00 JST at the DJW Teams Workspace.  To join our squad meeting please contact the DJW Event Coordination manager, Ms. Maria Deutsch, by e-mail. Click on the hyperlink of each meeting to learn about more details.

Previous Events

To watch presentations and/or learn about the outcomes of our events you can find the presentation material and / or videos at this homepage under the rubric web seminars after login in with your password received from our ManGeo administration.

  • DJW Squad Intercultural Teamwork meeting on Friday, 19. March 2021
  • DJW Squad Intercultural Teamwork meeting on Friday, 16. April 2021
  • DJW Squad Intercultural Teamwork meeting on Friday, 21. May 2021

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