Call for papers – Special Session on Management Geography at 2025 AJG Spring meeting

Call for papers  Spring meeting 2025 AJG, March 2025 – Tokyo, Japan

Special Session: Management Geography –  Making place for intercultural managerial thinking in geographers’ thought!

Convener: Prof. Dr. Rolf D. Schlunze

Due to the 100-year anniversary of the AJG* the Management Geography (ManGeo) Research Group is pleased to organize a Special Session on Management Geography. In contradiction to the social impact of Japanese multinational corporations research about international management is not well established in Japan. However, leading economic geographers tell us that management matters as a new conception lens in spatial theories. Thus, we like to focusing on the nexus of managerial decision-making and practices in a globalizing corporate world we like to analyze the management of economic, social, and cognitive spatial realms influencing corporate performance through concentration, interaction, and/or perception. According to Chanlat (2006) the dream of there being only one management model is not to materialize but new methodologies have been developed to analyze the socio-economic and cognitive spatial behavior of managerial subjects in real, relational, relative and virtual space. We wish to show that the nexus of managerial practice and decision-making is nowadays important to geographers. Where do managerial subjects and global talents concentrate spurring the regional economy? How does management interact globally influencing and transforming innovative spaces around the world? What kind of impact has the global mindscape of managerial leaders on regions like East Asia and Central& Eastern Europe?

The research group ManGeo welcomes submissions in the following issues:

  1. Theorize space in managerial decision making and practices using a multi-spatial management framework as outlined by Suwala, Pachura and Schlunze in our article on Management Geography published in the Polish Journal of Management Studies (25).
  2. Methodologies for investigating managerial practices and decision-making as shown in International Perspectives in Geography (19).
  3. Empirical evidence on all kind of management issues referring to our early work on Spaces of International Economy and Management: Launching New Perspectives on Management and Geography.

For more information on the ManGeo Research Group visit and/or contact the convener by contact form at this homepage. Please submit your abstract (250 words) by 11. November 2024. You will learn about the acceptance of your abstract by the mid of December 2024. The invited contributors to our pre-conference at Ritsumeikan University and Special Session at the 2025 AJG Spring meeting will need to submit their working paper (5000 words) until 1. March 2025. Contributions will be published with our online journal ManGeo Working Paper Series (ISSN 2436-3855) and/or as a book chapter after a blind double review.


Schlunze, Rolf D., Nathaniel O. Agola and William W. Baber (Eds), Spaces of International Economy and Management: Launching New Perspectives on Management and Geography, Palgrave MacMillan, 2012.

Suwala, Lech,  Piotr Pachura, Rolf D. Schlunze, Management Geography – Making Place for Space in Management Thought. Polish Journal of Management Studies 2022; 25 (2): 323-340. DOI: 10.17512/pjms.2022.25.2.21  GICID:01.3001.0015.9002

Taira, Atsushi and Rolf D. Schlunze (Eds), Management Geography – Asian Perspectives Focusing on Japan and Surrounding Regions Management Geography. International Perspectives in Geography (IPG, volume 19), Springer Nature, 2022.

*Notice that the international leadership team of ManGeo research group promotes the idea to change AJG into Japanese Association of Geography (JAG) enabling everybody to identify themselves with this association promoting geography in Japan!

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