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Management Geography

We like to share our knowledge with those interested in management & geography. We study international management and in return consult about management related issues in the global economy and society. We acknowledge that international managers influence corporate performance through interactions and perceptions. With unique methods we survey spatial aspects of international management. We invite international managers and scholars to discuss issues like global leadership, international human resource management, cross-cultural management and communication, corporate governance, innovative practices in manufacturing and services, and networking of managerial subjects. Facilitating this homepage, we wish to disseminate and communicate our knowledge with a global audience.


Recent news

Call for paper – EAMSA 2021 / GCEG 2022
Forthcoming German-Japanese Business Association (DJW) events – Discussing TRUST / SYNERGY / INNOVATION & intercultural teamwork
Interactive workshop – Vennmaker Visualizing managerial networks & Designing online-network analysis for managerial purposes


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