SIEM Research Group Seminar on Chinese management in Japan

The SIEM research group met on Friday 9th January 2015 at BKC. Guest speakers, Dr. Patrik Ström and Dr. Richard Nakamura from University of Gothenburg presented their results about Chinese firms’ M&A strategy investing in Japan. Dr. Rolf Schlunze evaluated Japan’s governmental campaign to attract FDI and discussed the embeddedness of Chinese management in Japan. Graduate students from China, Denmark and Mexico presented the results of their interviews with a managing director from a Chinese airline company using the SIEM management appraisal approach. Professor Will Baber from Kyoto University chaired the session and Professor Atsushi Taira from Kagawa University discussed the guest speakers presentation. After the presentations, participants from China, Denmark Germany, Kenya, New Zealand, Mexico, Sweden and USA enjoyed a traditional Japanese winter dish, O-nabe. All agreed that Ritsumeikan University was able to add value to the meeting for researchers as well as students.
On the following day SIEM research group leaders gathered again and decided on the outlines of a joint research project investigating MNE strategies by an actor-centered approach. The project will focus on industrial developments and economic wealth deriving from MNE collaborations in East Asian and Northern European countries. Researchers and graduate student at Ritsumeikan University interested in the project should contact [email protected]

Graduate students of the special seminar on Cross-Cultural Management Research present their findings

Prof. Atsushi Taira discusses Professor Patrik Ström and Richard Nakamura’s paper presentation

Professors Patrik Ström and Richard Nakamura discuss their work in the Q&A session with Professor A. Taira.

International students and professors enjoy a typical Japanese winter dish O-nabe
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