Network analysis – SIEM workshop at DKG2015

SIEM conducted a workshop on network analysis in geographical research on international management at the German Conference of Geography (DKG) on October 4, 2015. Prof. Rolf Schlunze introduced the evolution of SIEM as an international research group investigating about international management from geography perspective. Professor Paivi Oinas gave a short key note on the value of actor-centered research within corporate research investigating actors’ local and global embeddedness. Michael Kronenwett introduced the ego-centered network analysis and the software VennMaker. Professor Rolf Schlunze, now based at Humboldt University of Berlin, showed a confirmatory study on Japan-based Chinese entrepreneurs’ networking behavior. Will Baber from Kyoto University reported about the successes and pitfalls of American managers’ networking in Japan. Lech Suwala showed three maps documenting the economic, social and perceptive space of a Japanese family firm internationalizing. Wolfdietrich Peiker gave a dynamic presentation showing a Venn Map of a Singapore-based attorney’s network development. After the participants received instructions from Professor Schlunze they created ego-centered Venn maps during the interactive part of the workshop. Three tandem teams presented their VennMaker charts visualizing and discussing structural aspects and synergy potentials of their network. Professor Elmer Kulke commented that VennMaker has a great potential to open up the black box of the firm from a management geography perspective and indicated his intent to train students with the software. Many thanks go to Michael Kronenwett the creator of who enabled participants to use his software during workshop free of charge.

Michael Kronenwett gave an introduction on ego-centered social network analysis.

Rolf Schlunze organized the workshop and showed his study on Guanxi networking

William Baber documented cases of American managers’ networking in Japan.

Profs. Paivi Oinas and Elmar Kulke chaired and supported the workshop.

Lech Suwala unveiled the case of a family business through network analysis.

Wolfgang Peiker showed the networking process in a dynamic fashion.
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