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Trompenaars Hampden-Turner Culture for Business 

Fons Trompenaars is highly-acclaimed academic professionals who is well-known to have researched cultural differences but actually contributed many breakthrough ideas on reconciliation of intercultural problems promoting diversity management throughout his seminars and workshops at THT consulting.

Japanese-German Business Association (DJW) 

DJW is a dynamic network emerging as a transformative platform. Aligned with goals of the association we pro-actively support the vision of comprehensive trust-relations in a distributed German-Japanese network among agile members.

Euro-Asia Management Studies Association

The EAMSA use to be a platform for scholarly exchange on economic and management issues. Annual conferences brought together Asian and European researchers. As an advisor Rolf supported the promotion of Management & Geography in the emerging interdisciplinary network.



Global Conference on Economic Geography (GCEG) has been established two decades ago following governance and principles announced at the Cologne GCEG (2018) gala dinner. GCEG serve global community of economic geographers conducting a global conference every 3 years. Our research group has been contributing pro-actively to GCEG from almost the beginning of this academic event. 

Global Network of Financial Geography (FinGeo) is an interdisciplinary network of academics and experts interested in research on the spatiality of money and finance and its implications for the economy, society, and nature.

GaWC Research Network is a network of geographers surveying relations of world cities rectifying our global situation in multiple aspects of important concern. The network operates as the leading thinktank on cities in globalization.



Kronenwett & Adolphs UG (Limited)
Michael Kronenwett provides MyNetworkmap, an innovative online network questionnaire survey that enables us collecting and analyzing social networks. Since 2009 we are collecting, visualizing and analyzing social networks with VennMaker and have done thanks to his software pioneer work in the field of management & geography. 

Servgate Corporation is a Japan-based technology service provider offering one-stop trilingual IT Support in Japanese, English and German. We enjoy an all-round IT service for our operations. 

Christian von Baumbach is a mediator assisting with us with his deep intercultural understanding for a better decision-making. His skills and experiences are highly requested at universities and academic associations in Europe and Japan.

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